Internet Data Collector

The project, code named IDC is the same as the first letter stands for Internet Data Collector and it is not nothing but a software that searches the Internet for their content. The project can spend all your free time as it is written in under an hour hobby.

Is written in C# on the Microsoft Visual C# Express. Software where I work regularly searches the websites which are subjected to appropriate treatment and the tasks of the program are:

  1. Monitoring sites, their pages and external links contained within the site for changes that occur on them.
  2. Acquisition of data from web pages into a format that governed the construction of further processing such as tele-address database from any website directory.
  3. Notification of changes resulting from the monitoring process by e-mail and data changed are listed in colors at the text message. Can be programmed search patterns occurring there or ignore texts.

Since this list is not the program will be closed gradually enriched with the options that will be in the next version at any rate more efficient and more accurate.

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